Private Investigation has existed from the early age. Our History has stated its existense of Investigation during the reign of Kings. Spies are another form of Investigators who were infiltrated into enemy camps to find out the opponent's strength, strategy and the attack planned upon inorder to prepare an effective repulse.

Presently private Investigation has been put to commercial use for the public. Among the private eye & credit reporting service. We are one of the " private Information Bureau" with a team of professionally trained dedicated Investigators in the field of Criminology and Forensic Science providing meritorious service to clients from India and abroad.

We uncover, find or expose the unknown hidden truths in a discrete and confidential manner without adversely affecting the interest of our client. Some of the primary cases are Divorce, spouse fidelity, premarital status, pre-employment checks, ascertaining the financial status of an Individual etc.


It has become almost imperative for educated sensible parents to guard the interest of their children. The marriage of one's children is one of the joyous and auspicious moments in life. Days have gone when marriage alliance took place within known families. Now there is always an apprehension in their mind, especially when groom, bride is selected from an unknown family through the matrimonial columns of a newspaper. Certain facts are suppressed and appealing resumes are tailored to suit most of the prospective brides/ grooms in order to give their final consent.

The parents can approach us to verify certain facts like his or hers social and financial background, character, educational Qualification & Employment details, whether addicted to drugs, gambling, alcohal, whether previously married, etc.



Marriage life though are not smooth in many a cases. There are instances where we come across discord in married life. Due to the various reasons like suspicion on Spouse's fidelity, drug addiction of spouse, ill treatment by the in-laws, greed for dowry, divorce or maintenance allowance cases, etc.
These cases will be carefully investigated and shadowed to ascertain the character of the husband / wife, keeping in mind secrecy, confidentiality without causing irreparable loss to one's married life.
The management inorder to prevent unscrupulous, undesired person into the Organization should therefore screen his employee before recruiting him so as to render save the interests & security of the Organization to an extent. The management can also know whether any competitor is trying to infiltrate any of their trusted employees to collect vital information or data, which may prove detrimental to the interest of the Organization. The Employee's social, previous job record, academic career, financial status, police record, etc will be acquired by us through confidential sources.
The management must periodically screen the employees when the management decided to deploy him or her in a sensitive or special division. The subject will be kept under observation if there is any change in status, whether he is living beyond his means, sources of his additional income, off-duty activities like part-time job and the concern he serves, new habits, etc.
Our Agency offers to study & detect and plug loopholes in existing big commercial and Industrial establishments, business houses in general do not have top management officials to monitor the functioning of the Units. The Under-cover operation is one of the best methods of investigation where higher ups are not available at the Units; strict watch is kept on the functioning of the Units, to monitor the staff's daily activities. Trained investigators who are specialized in that particular area are deployed at the vantage points to check pilferage, labor unrest, sabotage of materials and infiltrate into the trade Union to get in touch with the sincerity, loyalty and integrity of every individual worker of his department and trace the dishonest among them. Under Cover agents can be a store-keeper, sales executive, sales girl, machinists, security personnel, worker, tailors, checkers, supervisors, office assistants, etc.
Surveillance will be carried by trained investigators on an individual suspected of having an illegal affair, leakage of vital trade, document secrets. The employees are shadowed to gather irrefutable evidence on the suspect Inorder to facilitate termination of the guilty. . Mobile, stationary and Foot surveillance is undertaken according to the requirement to collect vital information.
Cases relating to the property such as to ascertain the authenticity of the documents will be investigated in a discrete manner as to whose name the property belongs and who the present owner

In recent days several individuals, Organization, Finance Companies are cheated or deprived of their money, property by conmen who by showing fake identity take huge amount of money run away without any trace. Loan defaulters will be tracked and located by our senior investigators specialized in investigating financial fraud.

Expert opinion will be formed on foreign law to identify the authentic of an individual's signature, handwriting or finger print impressions by adopting various scientific methods to support by demonstrative method in the court of law. Evidence such as photographic charts will be given when summoned by the court to prove the identity or non-identity. Document Investigation can be classified into genuine writings, forged writings, disguised writings and Anonymous letters.


There is always a greater risk of popular brands running a risk of being infringed by peddlers of spurious goods. The products are copied with regard to the labels, containers and flavor of the product. They either bribe the sales agents of the company stockiest or retailers to palm off

Sub standard goods bearing the same trademark as that of original company. As a result the sale of the genuine products detoriates causing the company to suffer huge losses. The hard earned reputation of the company's name gets tarnished as the consumer gets the worst of all. Our Investigation will cover the areas of the suspected retailers, keep watch over these retailers. The Vehicle carrying the spurious products will be shadowed to locate the stockholder. The address will be disclosed to the client enhancing the police to make a raid and sieze the spurious goods, the stockholder, producer, and all other production Units and arrest of person.

It is sometimes a habit of unknown persons by telephoning at regular intervals either home, office, bussiness or commercial estabalishments in the form of threat or indecent talk which makes there lives miserable. Such calls will be traced and the culprit nabbed red handed. Our reports will be accurate, providing impeccable service to all our clients.